Thursday, July 06, 2006

Random Thoughts…

Oh my God, feels like I’m dying? No… Feels like I’m leaving? Not exactly… It is just the bench days are over and this is the last 8 hours. I don’t know what to write, I have so many things in my mind that I want to post because I’ll be quite busy again… OK… just a rundown of random thoughts…


My brother is going home at last after 2 months from Australia. I am very excited to see what are the changes brought to him by the land down under… Haha, cause we are the couch potato guys, we have never left home not until after college. He had his chance to move away. How about me? When?


I am so sad because my team Germany lost in the World Cup semifinals. Now, I hardly care whether it’s France or Italy. But I believe it is going to be France because they already made a miracle by almost getting eliminated in the knock out phase and by beating Brazil in the quarterfinals match. So, I am expecting to see some Blue, White, Red colored flags waving around on Sunday or I’ll be wrong.


Speaking of the World Cup, my favorite actor Daniel Brühl watched the quarterfinal game of Germany against Argentina and takes some time with his fans. Wanna have some proof that I’m one of his full blooded fan? I am the current co-admin of his semi-official German/Polish website.


I hate to be pessimistic but I think I belong to these types of thinkers these days… Why? Because I interpret everything as anti-depressants. Things like I enjoy watching very good and meaningful films because I prefer this artificial world rather than the world where I really belong and things like I have to write on this blog over and over again because I have the impression that people that I already knew are so tired on listening with my thoughts. I hope that the negativity in my head will change soon…


Wow, I just realized that I never cried or shed some tears for a year! For whatever reason, am I too happy? Too stable? Too ordinary? Too insensitive? I really don’t know, but in a way, I’m setting a new record for myself!

Last Days...

Gosh, On Monday, my bench days are over... Back to work, and this time, my first try on functional designs. It is always hard for me talaga if I'm in a transition. Like from tambay to being busy, being busy to tambay, in the brink of waking up from a dream, the length I consumed in order to accept my mistakes and to surrender my pride, and even ang pagtitiis na antayin ang miryenda pagkatapos ng lunch... Ay ano ba yun...


I have seen six to ten films only this June and emerging from the stiff competition of being the best and most polished film of June is the Oscar Nominated Swedish Film Ondskan aka EVIL.

Erik (Andreas Wilson) lives his whole life fighting and when he was expelled because of his actions, he was sent on a boarding school where the existing culture and policy in the school challenged Eriks belief about violence. He started to realize where evil exists in its deepest and purest form and that evil is not just the violence itself, but something living from within.

Evil is not the usual type of film being nominated by an Academy Award because of its violent content and storyline. But due its well written script and impressive cinematic shots, the Academy was well impressed by how it was presented. Partly political, Evil is a simple and yet well told story showing why is it very hard to destroy the lurking corruptions and evil in the contemporary society. (8 out of 10).

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Superman Returns (June 30, 2006)

At last! I have already seen the most anticipated movie of the summer... Superman Returns is currently kicking some serious ass in the box office, but after the movie, it left me a little bit cold...

I have to mention first my good experiences with the film. Once again, Hollywood shows where they really good at; stunning visual effects, precise sound mixing and sound editing. The only great competition of this movie this year when it comes to the visuals and sounds is the Peter Jackson film King Kong which is very good in all aspects. Kevin Spacey and Parker Posey supporting performances as couple gave the best acting scenes in the film, burrying the leads efforts in the movie...

Honestly, I didn't expect so much that is why I'm not so affected by the anti-climactic third act conclusion of the film... Superman started with a very interesting premise but as the end of 2 and a half hours approaches, it doesn't hold interest anymore. I quite felt that it is overly long and there is no balance between the exposure of Clark Kent and Superman as the film prioritized the heroic side of our protagonist. As the ending approaches, everything is predictable and the hospital bed ridden scene is too much to take. Not to mention, the female lead Kate Bosworth as Lois is horrible in her role, she just can't make connection with his charming but irresponsible male lead and eventually cannot make connection with her audience. Brandon Routh on the other hand gave a weak performance as Superman, but I'm not saying that he is a bad actor, he just lacks more intensity on internalizing his character. I just hope Brandon is not another Orlando Bloom in the making who is very lucky in every good movies he participated but gives the same predictable, typecast and weak performances in his scenes.

Superman Returns is not that bad, it will just be more interesting if Director Bryan Singer controls his cast better and edit out unnessary scenes in the near ending. But overall, Superman Returns is still a celebration of an iconic superhero legend who will not die out in every pages of our imagination... (6 out of 10)