Sunday, August 26, 2007

And the AUGUST film of the month is...

Pathfinder - Seeing this film reminds me a lot of 300's photography... The historical backdraft of the plot which is suppose to be interesting turned out to be one sided. (C+)

Ouija - All aspect of a good horror film is there, blood, twist, a lady with a long black hair but the film falls short on logic... (B)

Recycle - Danny and Oxide Pang, the directors of the very scary film The Eye changed their style a bit and created a very imaginative sci-fi/horror flick that reveals a very touching philosophy and a pro-life commentary. (B+)

Sunshine - I am always fascinated on what is next in Danny Boyle's films. Unfortunately, his recent films like Trainspotting, 28 Days Later and Millions are far better than this movie which tries to capture the same stigma of the Kubrick's masterpice 2001: The Space Odessey. (B)

The Bourne Ultimatum - The greatest merits of this film is its skillful film editing and heart pounding original score which will surely be rewarded by the AMPAS voters with nominations. But honestly, I am still convinced that this film is somehow plotless? (B+)

1408 - The last film of the month that I've seen... Surprisingly Mikael Håfström made me happy again after seeing his previous movies like Evil and Derailed... I greatly commend the editing and the haunting cinematography of this film... (B+)

MOVIE OF THE MONTH August - This is tough because all of the films I've seen this month have their own significant shortcomings and none of them can be considered flawless... But I think, August belongs to Hong Kong's very imaginative surreal entry RECYCLE...


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