Monday, May 30, 2005

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

Thumbs Up:

Sharp sound mixing/editing
Well polished visual effects
Good choreography
Nice and clever editing
Amazing art direction…

In other words: Good Technicals

Thumbs down:

Stinky screenplay
Horrible acting
Lacks dramatic power
Weak direction

In other words: The central plot and characterization is hollow…

Verdict: Better than the first two installments but far from being a great movie...
B+ (83/100)

Movie of the Month for May:

DANCER IN THE DARK - Palme d'Or 2000 Award Winning Film by Lars Von Trier is the best movie I've seen this Month. This brutal twisted musical stars Bjork and her powerful performance about a foreigners fate in the United States of America. This shocking masterpiece follows the trend of Trier's love of industrial film noir as his main genre for his works (Dogville, Europa!). A (94/100)

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Stars, Stars and Stars

To think of God as the Maker of all living and non-living entities in the universe seems to be easy to believe, but when the left side of my brain dominates the right side, I always think that we came from a certain thing that can be quantified, indeed to be exact, I used to think that we came from the stars.

Stars in the universe are being born then after million of years, they’ll die, and causes a big explosion in the quietness of space. Then simple elements and substances that have guts to stay in the vacuum will be the basis of all life in a planet.

True?, true… science never lies, it is just to desperate. Sometimes I am feeling weird about myself because how come can I appreciate art, romanticize and store these random memories inside my head, do the stars have something to do with it?

When we dwell too much in science, the more we feel so insignificant, worthless as species in the planet because what is 2000 years compared to 65 Million Years? If I won in the lottery or just die tomorrow, does it make any difference? If there will be World War III for the next 30 years and billion of people perished, what is that compared to the time when reptiles ruled the Earth? I don’t blame Voltaire for saying the phrases, “If God really does not exist, it is necessary to invent one…”, not because of our artfulness, but it is for the part of our body that cannot be quantified.

Choice and destiny, I want to believe that there is choice. In one of the films that I’ve watched, it is said that the future can be altered if you have already seen what will happen next, if you can only interfere inside that channel. How about in God’s perspective? Do we know his channel?

That is the reason why I don’t want to complicate things about the stars anymore. It will just make me worthless. I just want to look at it at night and pretend that there is nothing beyond the sky, it just goes on and on, and we all play our games beneath it…